MBI Director: Dr. Guy Sutton

Guy Sutton's primary areas of interest are the genetics of neurodevelopment and neuropathology and the interactive nature of genetic, biological and behavioural factors in chronic disease processes.

In addition to his role as Director of MBI, he is Honorary Lecturer at the University of Nottingham Medical School, where he contributes to teaching medical students at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Previous academic appointments have been held at Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan and Cambridge Universities.

He has been a visiting researcher to universities in the United States and has conducted research projects and data analysis for various organisations, including the Department of Health and the Medical Research Council. He has presented research findings at international conferences and talked about the theoretical and clinical aspects of his research on television and radio.

Dr Sutton has several years experience in public and private sector work and is an associate tutor for a number of educational trusts and organisations, including Villiers Park Educational Trust, Cambridge. He has developed courses and modules for the National Academy of Gifted & Talented Youth and the Global University Alliance.

Dr Guy Sutton presenting a Masterclass - 'Mind & Brain In The 21st Century - to 400 delegates at the CIPD World Congress, London 2008


Dr Guy Sutton teaching the chemical structure of RNA



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